Becki and Trish Gladdis: sex work, racism and the “social climbing mothers” behind the Daily Mail

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Inquiring Feminist by Sufiah Yusof

In 2008, as most readers will know, I was “exposed” as a sex worker.

At the time, I was 23.

I was doing it as a bit of a random 23 year old social experiment (prostitution is legal and I paid tax on my earnings and I tend to do things without thinking about them or because I find them interesting).

I was working under an assumed name and have not, and did not see myself as any sort of sexuality promoter or “for” or “against” anything.

I still have a fairly libertarian “live and let live” attitude to things including sexuality, although this is not a blog on that (there is lots of excellent writing elsewhere).

I was aware there had been a substantial amount of media coverage about me when a child, but that had been led by my mentally ill father (and related to events that happened…

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