Sufiah Yusof terkini . Message to Malaysians – the online harassment of me needs to stop. I am not Malaysian. Focus on your internal problems – your corrupt Press and government is trying to focus on people outside.

After the media abuse and harassment of me, I felt too traumatised to look at some of it.

But I have been working through it, and noticed recently how much was from the Malaysian Press.

ESPECIALLY ridiculous as I’m not even Malaysian?

To be clear again –

I have never lived in Malaysia, wasn’t born there, never worked for a Malaysian company.

I don’t speak Malaysian, have no Malaysian friends, and have never dated anyone Malaysian. I am not directly in contact with anyone Malaysian and have no reason to be.

I went to Malaysia once when I was 12 for 3 weeks and then later on in my 20’s I visited as my (English) partner was working nearby.


I don’t speak the language, don’t need to, and have never made any effort to learn as… I’m not Malaysian?

My parents were very mentally unwell and not working, so they took some money off the Malaysian government to “get a contract to force me to work for Malaysia

Which is a combination of my parents severe mental illness and the Malaysian government making a stupid weird “publicity seeking” decision when I was 12.

No parents with jobs would take a small sum of money from a developing country to “force their child to work there” and “have a role touring a crazy strange nation giving speeches“.

However, my mentally ill parents were refusing to work and had very poor judgement.

The British/Malaysian media/Press and the Malaysian government knew my parents were mentally unwell and exploited their vulnerability and mental illness

They encouraged them into a very strange lifestyle in which I was “used for money” and were desperate I would be “forced down a similar path” with my life a horrible “freak show“.

I didn’t benefit from that money and have had no practical or financial link to Malaysia as an adult woman.

I have never taken Malaysian educational funding myself – I’m European not Malaysian and have never paid Malaysian taxes, so I qualify for support from somewhere else.

I’ve never wanted, needed, or asked for anything from Malaysia, just looked for peace and privacy. I don’t live anywhere near Malaysia?

Plus, Malaysian behaviour towards me was weird and creepy – no mentally healthy person would want to “give speeches or publicity interviews in a developing country they have NO connection to to keep corrupt politicians happy“.

I know I could have easily “taken Malaysian money” but I have no interest in being connected to the country.

After I was abused by the British Press, ugly angry Malaysians spent (and still spend) a long time obsessing over me and trolling me.

No Malaysian said “just leave this person alone to have some peace and privacy and stop following her online“.

Even as “normal decent human beings“, no Malaysian thought or “commented” that I was someone who was in a a vulnerable position due to Press bullying, and I was entitled to some peace and privacy.

Malaysians just “enjoyed the gossip“.

Malaysians ugly faces and hysterical desperate nasty minds immediately thought “let’s exploit this situation and force this woman we don’t know to move to and be linked to our shitty country“.

Malaysians decided that they “liked the British Press abusing my privacy” and could exploit the situation, as a lot of Malaysians are jealous of and obsessed by anyone who “lives abroad.

Not only did Malaysians demand I “was forced by my mentally ill parents to work for their country as a 12 year old child who had never lived there” Malaysians continued an online harassment campaign that lasts to this day.

NO Malaysian offered any “basic human support” in terms of just “the Press is bad for harassing this woman and needs to behave better“.

Ugly Malaysians just wanted to “talk about my private and sex and dating life and try to get details of my education and Oxford selfies, and me forced to give more interviews even if I clearly didn’t want to “.

Retarded strange Malaysians wanted me stopped from a normal private professional job.

They wanted to chase me around and cover any workplace social media with WE YOUR FANS YOU GENIUS WE GIVE YOU MALAYSIAN PRIZES AND AWARDS.

For me, the sight of a Malaysian face or name is worse than a pig or an ape as I know immediately they are going to “cause problems“.

If I tell a Malaysian (as I have done for the last EIGHT YEARS) I live quietly, I am not a celebrity, I have no connection to Oxford and nothing to give to them, they ignore me and start screaming like hysterical animals “OXFORD OXFORD WE YOUR FANS” at me.

Malaysians have (and continue to) humiliate me with their bizarre behaviour – chasing me around the Internet “chanting and screaming and dominating in their stupid Malaysian language“, trying to “get their strange Malaysian faces” into any private space I have.

There is something seriously mentally wrong and toxic and immature about Malaysians as a nation.

Grown adults should dealing with their own problems Not be hysterically “chasing a woman from a different country/continent around” saying they are my “fans” and gossiping and stalking me and following me around like animals

Malaysians have basically said “anyone we think has any talent or skills, even if they have NO connection with us. needs to be forced to help us in our lazy ways and breeding lots of Malaysian children as we don’t want to work ourselves“.

No-one is “attacking Malaysians” or “going against Malaysian values” by not wanting to work with a strange culture or people they know nothing about (who just harasses me on the Internet!)

I’ve never LEFT Malaysia, I was never THERE at all.

There was never a “choice”.

I am not going to “forced” by “crazy weird online Malaysians” and the dishonest Malaysian Press into pretending I am Malaysian!

No Malaysian supported me against media abuse – they just tried to “exploit the situation“.

My loyalty lies to myself and to the agencies and organisations and loved ones who protected me against the media.

The sight of a stupid ugly Malaysian face saying “we your FANS, we like reading about your life, your job is to HELP US AND REPRESENT US” makes me sick and shows how stupid and crazy Malaysians are.

To be clear – ugly nasty Malaysians would have joined in to destroy my mental health by Press abuse and not giving me any privacy, THEN demand I “connect with them or worked for them to help their homeland“.

I would be horrified and disgusted if any success I had was linked to Malaysia – especially as disgusting weird Malaysian behaviour contributed to everything negative and nothing positive for me.

What Malaysians “want” is to bully and gossip about me (I am a complete stranger who has “done the right thing” – never tried to exploit their country or “take advantage” of the attention financially), THEN try to “get something out of me”.

Note – Here’s why Malaysians attract so much corruption

As someone who CHOSE not to associate with Malaysia or take Malaysian money ( didn’t want to “take Malaysian taxpapers money when I had no desire to live in the country“), I was stalked, bullied, and harassed.

I never took any support or money from Malaysia, I never publicly criticised their weird behaviour, and I got nothing but ugly, ugly behaviour and harassment in return?

(I showed some of the Malaysian online behaviour to a friend, and he has made sure none of his colleagues ever travel to Malaysia and never deal with Malaysians again).

As Malaysians (encouraged by the Malaysian Press and their “online community of gossipy netizens”) followed ME around, others were taking/stealing lots of Malaysian funds.

Well done Malaysians! You paid attention to the wrong person!

You managed to use a lot of energy and listened to your corrupt Press and ended up gossiping about the private dating life of me (someone who has been in your country less than a year), and no time left on your own problems!

EVERY Malaysian message I get is “demands and control and entitlement and drama and problems“.

These are normally the same people who “act like white people are gods” but then target me to “punch down” as “they think I’m one of them and will be easy to deal with“.

Every message is “oh, I’m just a humble poor Malaysian person feel sorry for me, here is what I want you to GIVE TO ME“.

I’m generally fairly neutral about places and people – everyone has their problems and challenges and I respect private decisions.

I don’t judge and I don’t pretend to understand everyone’s life or decisions.

I get on with my life in private and expect others to do the same. It took a lot for me to “speak out about media abuse”.

But when things go too far I have to take action.

My lifelong experience of Malaysians is that their crazy behaviour towards me needs to be called out – Despite their “we are nice gentle people” mannerisms, Malaysians are some of the angriest, laziest, worst, spiteful, grasping people I have ever met.

The online lies and fantasies from Malaysians about me are just “out of control”. I’ve tried being “polite” and it just gotten worse – Malaysians are worse than internet animals, there is something really, really wrong with them and their “online fantasies”.

Plus, Malaysians online are just getting more and more deranged as they seem to want to “prove they are globally important” (I think they invented a war with Israel a few years ago!).

Why can’t Malaysians just get on with life privately with their neighbours rather than behave like idiots to “get attention”?

A Malaysian person claimed he was “collecting money from other Malaysians to support me“.

I don’t know who he was and so expect that money went to him 100% and he just stole it from his fellow Malaysians whilst claiming to be connected to me (not my problem – it’s not my job to deal with the internal problems of trolls and nutcases in a failed state)

Well done Malaysians – your “national achievements” include a strong ability to harass people who are nothing to do with your country, and being corrupt on small things!

I’m not a politician or an administrator but I think the fact that “Malaysians prefer to follow around someone who ISN’T EVEN PART OF THEIR COUNTRY AND HAS NEVER BEEN acting like stupid weird internet animals and talking about my private life – than focus on their internal problems” shows where the “Malaysian problems” lie.

Essentially, Malaysia has about as much emotional/practical relevance/importance to me as Kenya/Greece/any other random country.

I’ve noticed in the past sneaky journalists and online freaks try to “trick” me into saying things or “admitting” I don’t know the language.

But there’s no decision for me to make and nothing for me to prove?

I don’t speak Malay as I DON’T NEED TO AS I’M NOT MALAYSIAN and I have no intention of visiting the country.

I’m not choosing to “deny my origins” or “choosing Western values” or “pro-European“. I just live where I’ve always lived! I have no “choice” to make, I’ve never lived in Malaysia and don’t want to.

Crazy retarded Malaysians on the internet basically chose to create this ridiculous fantasy in which I was “within the Malaysian community“.

You can’t just randomly “get on the internet and harass and force someone who isn’t even part of your country to be involved with you.

I’ve tried being polite about Malaysia but it hasn’t worked so far.

So I’ll be honest:

Malaysia really comes across like a shitty desperate creepy retarded Third World failed state trying to “force” people who are nothing to do with the country to be linked to it.

The Malaysian press and government tell their stupid core voters:

All these people who have left the country have lots of money and Western lifestyles and are responsible for the internal problems in the country.

The Malaysian politicians and Press made a decision to pay attention to me (as a 100% non-Malaysian) as it “would create publicity” and distract from internal problems.

They thought I would “accept all the attention and responsibility” and not give my own opinion back if they just started writing stories about me.

Malaysian politicians and Press thought if they made up some story that I was actually Malaysian and had “run away from my duty to the homeland” I’d never actually respond and their lies would stay as they were.

I have had Tweets/messages from rude shitty ugly Malaysians telling me “your country needs you“.

I’m not going to be “polite and positive” and say “I wish Malaysians well” as actually the weird creepy online behaviour has caused me problems.

Up till now, I have been patient and quiet.

I have NEVER made negative comments about the country/Malaysian people even if I thought the behaviour was very weird/crazy

But it’s “gone too far” now. I have to speak out. This “fantasy” is simply out of control and needs to stop.

Malaysians, the Malaysian Press and the Malaysian government have basically “started and kept going a weird creepy online fantasy” that I am a “Malaysian person who is connected to the country and I’m interested in meeting Malaysians and working for Malaysia and representing and serving Malaysia”

This fantasy needs to stop.

Malaysians – I have hardly been in your country, about a few months in total. I was not born there.

I am not Malaysian.

I do not want to “represent your country“, it is nothing to do with me and has never been.

You need to stop harassing people who aren’t in your country and concentrate on your own issues. Stop trying to “force” me to be linked with you.

My parents linked me to your country as a child as they were not mentally well enough to make normal decisions (and their mental illness got me involved in many other strange, ridiculous situations as well).

I certainly do not want to “tour Malaysian schools giving speeches about my crazy life as a prodigy” or be harassed by Malaysians screaming “OXFORD GENIUS” at me and demanding selfies.

I don’t “owe your country” anything, I have never had any practical/financial support and would not ask or take any as I don’t want to be connected or linked to to your country, people, and culture.

Malaysian people obsessively stalk and harass me online as someone who is NOTHING to do with their country, and they won’t stop.

This frightens and disgusts me.

I used to feel quite “neutral” about Malaysia, but as I’ve had more experience of Malaysian people, their behaviour makes me completely repulsed.

My advice to Malaysians – Start looking at Malaysian journalists and targeting them – they are the ones telling you lies and ruining your country!

Malaysian journalists knew about significant government corruption and wanted the readers to “talk about my private life- I am someone who had been in your country less than a year“.

The Malaysian Press wanted Malaysians to talk and gossip about my private life and blame me for all the country problems, whilst enjoying seeing Malaysians getting poorer.

There’s where your attention should be.