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Please note – I am not a celebrity.

I don’t want to communicate with random people or “netizens” about “things they have read about me without my consent” or be forced to “give updates on my life”.

I tend not to read these e-mails and find them quite unpleasant to receive.

At first when I was blogging I was trying to be polite, but now I can see that most of these “fans” or people just “following my story” are part of the media harassment problem.

A lot of horrible personal details of my life and childhood were “out there without any consent from me” and no respect for my privacy.

Abusive bullying journalists would try to traumatise me by publishing as many of my private details as possible and getting everyone reading to “discuss my emotional state”.

The journalists wanted to bully me by getting complete strangers to have access as many “details of any abuse or pain” I had gone through and then regularly “bring the issues up” to traumatise me and cause me distress by being “forced to relive them”.

The journalists would claim I “wanted to be famous” or “share my life” and “have a public audience of fans” but I didn’t and don’t

It was their way of setting me up to harass me and causing me problems.

It’s very distressing to me and offensive to contact me (a complete stranger) and go “I’m your friend! Can we talk about something I read about on the internet about you?”. It just makes you sound creepy and weird and controlling.

I do have to blog (unfortunately – it’s time consuming and I don’t get paid for this) due to media abuse.

It’s my only way of standing against their disgusting illegal behaviour.

But like many women using the internet, I DON’T like using social media too much now because of random people contacting them.

Please have some respect for my privacy.

Thank you.

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