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Stalkers manipulate aggression from others towards their target so their “hands are kept clean”

Journalists (not just Bashir, ones from the Times)  have always fed my details to my abusive, publicity-seeking, violent father, in order to goad him into stalking me.

They have actually directly contacted him, as they wanted him knowing who I was interacting with or where I am living or what I was doing (they were hoping to run stories on him chasing and hitting me for the titillation of readers in a “What a shame, such a talent. Aren’t we all nice people feeling sorry for her?” kind of way).

What the News of the World wanted in 2008: after blackmailing me, presenting the idea I was someone going round bragging about Oxford, promoting the sex industry, and bragging about selling sex. This, they hoped, would instigate others to be aggressive towards me.

I have no strong opinions on the sex industry or on anyone else’s sex lives, I don’t really comment on my personal life here.

(and the only “personal” comment on Oxford is that for me they did their best under very  difficult conditions which were unprecedented.

My abusive father bombarded my tutor with contact demanding details about me: the media loved the chance to have photographers lurking outside my college grounds.

Journalists often earn very high salaries – a tabloid staffer gets £80,000+ a year.

But they still like to claim “others” are privileged, so forcibly invading the privacy of a group of young students – many hardworking from poor backgrounds was something they liked.

Overall, everyone at St Hilda’s College responded with dignity, grace, and sensitivity in what was a very sensitive situation for them).

Every journalist I have encountered, and the NOTW in 2008,was keen that any details forced out of me would be presented like I was setting myself up as this public figure?

If interested in debates about sex, or the sex industry, or the Oxford student lifestyle, you’d have enough engaging, well written information in your lifetime.

But the media liked the idea of stalking a real young woman and using her as a mouthpiece for their vile, weird, emotions?

In 2008 Sara Nuwar used the NOTW photos and put them in a women’s magazine along with a made up interview, so she could create the impression I was now going round selling gossip about Oxford and my sex life to a variety of places.

This would be the green light (and was for a long time) for others to continue stalking me in a “feeding frenzy”.

A producer  contacted me to claim unless I agreed to let him stalk me and film me for a month, Channel  4 were just going to make a documentary about me (he was lying – Channel 4 didn’t do anything of the kind, but I think he wanted to threaten me so that I would capitulate).

Miranda Peters (who had worked with Martin Bashir to stalk and humiliate me when I was 16) got her assistant called Harriet Matthews (Matthews claims on her Linkedin profile that her skills are in getting subjects of TV interviews to put themselves at risk to “make a better story”) to contact me suggesting a “reunion”

(Miranda Peters wanted another CHILD ABUSE SEX SPECIAL. I once read a comment from someone saying “journalists are worse than paedophiles” and I think the producer Miranda Peters is a perfect example of that).