Stalkers seek to turn bullying their target into a group activity.

When I was 15, in one of their “feeding frenzies”, the media trawled through everyone who might plausibly, briefly, be linked to me at Oxford then wrote articles along the line of “an insight into the weird personality of Sufiah Yusof GIVEN BY THOSE WHO KNOW HER”.

One male student (a nice chap who contacted me despite hardly knowing me to say he was unsure what was going on, but him and his family offered support if needed, this is generally how people responded to my situation) didn’t give them a quote. But they decided to just put his name in print for the sake of it.

I re-iterate, I was 15 at the time.

They wanted me paranoid and isolated, not sure who I could trust not to speak to the Press about me and full of resentment for my peers.  And they wanted those peers to feel uncomfortable about socialising with me lest they be dragged into the drama.

(it wasa nice try, but I know exactly who to put the blame on – the journalists would chum up to 19 year old students, pretend to want “informal chats, off the record”, then make sure they got a name to put in a story to give it “credibility”)

Being good at maths isn’t an emotional issue.

…Working in a private consenting voluntary job in the sex industry was nothing more than an interesting lifestyle for a while.

 Being targeted by organised media bullies with a lot of resources on a national scale IS a problem.

The stalker, who devotes huge amount of time to trawling through their targets life to see how they can damage it whilst “playing innocent” themselves,  is too cowardly to deal with their victim face-to-face.

And it is very important that they set themselves up as some “detached observer” whilst denying all their own involvement.

Keith Gladdis was Ok to secretly film me so his paper could turn my consensual sex life into public property (with his mum and sister following up on social media to champion his “important work”) but not Ok to engage me in open debate about sexuality when invited.

I am under no doubt that if Keith Gladdis and his media colleagues could subtly find a way to ruin my life, now or in the future, without taking the “blame” they would be on it like anything: this is something I have to emotionally deal with every day.