Message to Malaysians! My response to all the YouTube and Facebook clips.

There is a HUGE amount of media coverage on me in Malaysia. Malaysian names dominate my Twitter followers.

Malaysians seem to spend too much time thinking about me (not a citizen of their country, not born there, has never lived there) and even spend lots of time “making YouTube and Facebook clips about me” rather than focussing on Malaysian problems.

I’ve hardly been to Malaysia (less than a year in total). My mother has Malaysian ethnic heritage but has lived most of her life abroad.

Unfortunately, there is something mentally wrong with Malaysians when it comes to the internet.

Malaysians can’t just “live privately and deal with their own lives and problems and let other people live privately“.

You never see Singaporean or Israeli or German people “gossiping and trolling on the internet” the same way you see Malaysians – that’s because those people are improving their OWN lives and their countries!

I read somewhere Malaysians “got access to the Internet before becoming a developed country” and along with (some) levels of English, meant they developed a culture of being total “Internet fantasists”.

This is like the Malaysian “internet fantasy war with Israel” – Malaysians online (encouraged by the weird Malaysian Press) pretending they are at “cyber-war” because they were online trolling Israeli models and singers.

(Israeli people are focussed on their own country and economy and issues and don’t even know or care where Malaysia is).

A lot of crazy online Malay people pretending to be important making things up and lying about people WHO DON’T EVEN LIVE IN THE SAME CONTINENT AS THEM AND NEVER HAVE.

From the level of Malaysian media coverage of me and the Malaysians dominating my space online, you’d think I was there half the year, or spent my childhood there, or have a Malaysian passport.

It’s all Malaysian online fantasy and making things up.

I’m not “a runaway Malaysian trying to be a new person” or “choosing Western values” or “rejecting Malaysia my homeland“.


I don’t speak Malaysian, I’ve never been interested in Malaysia, I’ve only visited as an adult with a partner working nearby.

I don’t socialise with Malaysians and don’t want to and I don’t care what Malaysians think – lazy creepy Malaysians seem to spend ALL their time on the internet online harassing me though!

No wonder the Malaysian economy is so “behind Singapore”.

(The only “connection” I should have with Malaysia is them giving me a public apology for online harassing and abusing me as a child/young woman who wasn’t even part of their country).

Then just leave me alone.

I have NEVER criticised Malaysian behaviour in public until now. I have been patient and kind.

As I had more pressing issues, and I thought as I’m not living close to there I thought “it doesn’t matter it’s just a bit weird“.

But Malaysian online behaviour has gone too far?

I can accept that there was a lot of weird stuff happening as a young woman, and that made weird people drawn to me. That is something I live with. I have a good life now.

The sensationalist dishonest media coverage was “designed” so others would harass me and I would be bullied. They’d claim I was a “Malaysian Muslim person” as they knew that would be “clickbait” and “mean people harassed me more“. Spite is a journalists currency.

So I thought if I took some time, communicated clearly I was not a public figure that would be it.

Here we are…. EIGHT YEARS have passed, I blog saying I live a quiet life, I am clearly not Malaysian or interested in Malaysia or talking about work/education.

And stupid Malaysians STILL live in their fantasy world online harassing me.

Weird stupid Malaysian fantasists “pretend” I am some “mysterious genius figure” who will be returning to tour my homeland Malaysia (so some creepy weirdos can scream OXFORD GENIUS at me on the street!).

I’ve done well, but would be ashamed and horrified to have smelly creepy Malaysians anywhere NEAR my work or personal life – their bizarre behaviour completely humiliates me.

Malaysians in Malaysia seem to think “we are important and everyone thinks our Malaysian culture and opinion is important” but they just look like lunatics to everyone else! Why can’t they stop behaving like crazy animals?

Malaysians on YouTube and Facebook make weird clips about me regularly, as if they are “waiting to find out about me” like deranged animals and stalkers and I “need to give them an update“.

This is the only “life update” I give to Malaysians – Stop stalking me you freaks! I am nothing to do with you and your crazy fantasies.

You look like a global laughing stock with your weird actions.

I heard that Malays are “seen as low-achievers and stupid and don’t fit into the developed world“, and I didn’t comment as I didn’t want to be judgemental and negative and I always prefer to deal with my own issues than criticise others.

But weirdo Malaysians STILL spend hours, days, weeks, making creepy YouTube clips and Facebook programmes and videos about me, someone WHO IS NOT EVEN MALAYSIAN AND NEVER HAS BEEN!

I need to call this out, as otherwise “Malaysians don’t stop”.

Malaysians attitude is “we want to troll and harass and embarrass this woman so we force her to talk to us and not have any peace, and she can’t have any other contacts apart from stupid ugly Malaysians and our crazy failed state“.

Funnily enough, Gal Gadot and all the Israelis didn’t decide to change their lives because loads of smelly weird Malaysians were online stalking and trolling them and neither will I!

I used to be “neutral and open” to Malaysia (as my mother was born there) but Malaysian behaviour is totally degenerate.

I have heard sports people and singers and professional people refuse to deal with Malaysians or work there as they know how crazy, gossipy, delusional, stupid and poisonous Malaysians are online. So Malaysians are fast become a pariah state due to their creepy online behaviour.

Malaysians can’t stop writing me messages in their stupid weird language calling me “sis” (I’m not religious, if Malaysians want to be religious they should keep their religion in their own country) and saying “I can’t speak English I want to be your friend”.

There is something mentally wrong with Malaysians.

This explains why Malaysia is such a weird backwards country.

I am SICK of this.

If I do anything online, immediately a stupid Malaysian name and face pops up. Then another, then another….

I slightly changed my YouTube settings, and immediately “Malaysian people waiting to write comment after comment“.

Malaysian people are basically sitting there for YEARS “waiting to see me active online” so they can start writing total garbage at me.

I’ve tried to ignore them, block them…Malaysian ugly desperate faces and messages still keep coming. Stay in your own country!

What is wrong with them? I can’t accept replies on my Twitter, and couldn’t use it for a while as Malaysians just sat there replying to EVERYTHING I wrote (not actually replying or reading, just typing complete garbage).

Obviously I accept some online weird behaviour is “normal and most of my life is offline.

But Malaysian online fantasists take it to a new level.

This isn’t “one comment from one person” which then “dies down” if I ignore it over time.

This is retarded Malaysians sitting there “monitoring me so they can trap me online” and popping their stupid faces up to “force me to listen to them“.

If I act politely they send fifty messages “making demands“. If I ignore, block….they just start trying to force contact and find some other means.

I have politely, time after time said I’m “not a celebrity“, I don’t talk about my personal life, live privately… Malaysians just ignore this.

I got some friends to have a look at some of the “Malaysian media coverage” of me and someone commented that “these people are actually retarded/delusional/need psychiatric help”.

Online Malaysians regularly pompously write/wrote how they were “deciding what to do with me” and how my engagement with the Malaysian community was being managed in this way, and this decision was being made on me and my future within the Malaysian community.

Malaysians write as if I was “there” and I was regularly communicating with them, and concerned about Malaysian opinions and my place within their homeland and my community.

Malaysians live in “fantasy land” and just 100% lies and dishonesty – no wonder no one wants to do professional business with Malaysians.

The only thing Malaysians seem good at is gossip and lying whilst other races and nationalities progress.

I have no Malaysian friends, no Malaysian has my contact details, I probably had lunch or coffee with a Malaysian person maybe nine years ago…

I have never dated a Malaysian person, asked for Malaysian residency, or spoken Malaysian.

Normal behaviour for someone like me who isn’t Malaysian, doesn’t live in Malaysia or anywhere near, and has never done!

But there is something seriously, seriously wrong with Malaysians and their “over-active” imaginations and desire to online control and harass people who are NOTHING to do with their country.