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Internet trolls do…”something”?: Trish Gladdis and Becki Gladdis

Someone contacted me to point out that Patricia “Trish” Gladdis and Becki Rebecca Gladdis” have both taken down their social media content following my post here.

To re-iterate:

(1) Trish Gladdis claiming to be an independent support group of people thanking the News of the World for the “services” it has done to the country.

and (2) Becki claiming that Hugh Grant is “destroyed” (after Grant  mentioned Keith’s name in passing, in connection with stalking Grant’s pregnant partner)

I think they were trying to use the internet to prove “the people” were all rising up to support Keith Gladdis in his determination to stalk people?

Becki and Trish were keen to imply they are “the voice of the common people, and the common people love their tabloids stalking and punishing people”

There’s been a lot of debate about internet trolling recently (I haven’t really engaged as I am in my 30’s and a Luddite so don’t live on the Internet and I don’t have access to it most of the time).

But I think “mum and sister of stalking pervert journalist try to us the internet set themselves up as “random woman on the street supporting OUR MAN” sums it up really!

(erm screengrab is a wonderful thing but let’s leave that for now..)