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Why stalkers stalk : limerance

Limerance is a new word for me.

It means someone thinking that someone else (whether it’s someone who lives or studied at a certain place or people who speak a certain way or a particular celebrity) is the key to their own happiness.

Practicers of limerance like to find people to pin some issue they themselves have. trouble dealing with

(for example: people who put a lot of emotional energy into talking about Oxford and seeking out stories to consume about people who went to Oxford – but struggle themselves with the initiative to actually read anything beyond newspaper junk clickbait).

And stalking is all about limerance.

Those who stalkers obsess over are dehumanised and turned into “scapegoats” and made to be responsible for the issues of the stalker?

That’s how stalkers operate  -they aren’t dealing with their victims as human beings, but as labels and stereotypes.

The media contributes to this culture by  coming up with odd fairy tales in order to “prove” a certain agenda and reduce people they have forcibly stalked to a collection of anecdotes in order to generate a certain emotional reaction fron the reader.

The reader feels “entitled” to INTIMATE TRUE CONFESSIONS and is deluded by the media into thinking all these strangers are “claiming” and “making stances” on issues.

Limerance hurts the stalker too.

They are disappointed with the people they have become, and rather than accept and move on (which would help them) they think it’s someone else’s fault.

Woe betide you if you are that “someone else” they happen to latch onto.

Paul Dacre, the editor of the Mail, seems to think his own lack of abilty to transform into some confident, upper-class man  is the fault of all these women “flaunting themselves”.

Keith Gladdis, who stalked me, secretly filmed me,  and attempted to destroy my life in 2008 is Paul Dacre’s Foreign Editor.

Keith Gladdis has form: he has stalked and  targeted footballers and the lithe, tiny girlfiend of Hugh Grant, Tinglang Hong.

All complete strangers to him: all of us to him are “flaunting our fitness” at his grossly obese parents Trish and Bob Gladdis and brother, Dave Gladdis, and need to be “punished”.

Which is ridiculous but its how his mind operates?

That’s what’s dangerous about stalkers: they aren’t fighting with their victims (they don’t even know us!) but with ther own uncontrolled self-loathing over something in their own lives.

We “represent” something to them, and it’s that which they are raging at.

(along with other recipients of Press intrusion, I have found they would all much rather “stalk than talk”)

This is completely out of control of the victim and every  external agency.