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Part II – Ben Ellery + Caroline Gidman of the Sunday Times – Being bullied by a spiteful racist rich white woman and media revenge for speaking out about abuse

Media abuse doesn’t work solo.

There’s no such thing as “one rogue reporter”. A journalist working for a newspaper will stalk someone then deny being instructed by them. Newspapers hire freelancers and moving journalists around so they can deny responsibility for abuse and harassment.

Journalists move freely between the BBC, the Mail, the Telegraph, and producing TV humiliating vulnerable people for profit.

Mazher Mahmood is on the payroll of the Sunday Times.

Ben Ellery claimed to me he works for the Times which is regarded as stalking people less than the Sunday Times (but his profile clearly says both the Times and the Sunday Times).

The key skill for a journalist is manipulating vulnerable people into providing details of their lives without their consent and producing clickbait. For this, they earn more than the “privileged” people they mock and stalk.

There’s no distinction between “respectable” and “non-respectable” or “left-wing” and “right-wing” or “tabloid” and “broadsheet”

The aim is to work together to have total domination and control.

My “so-called life story” was based on the fact that at 12, senior editors had worked out that due to my parents being severely mentally ill and vulnerable I could be “targeted for humiliation and profit”.

This wasn’t a case of “being shy and self-conscious over justifiable attention” or “struggling with attending university early and standing out” but completely spiteful, vile, dishonest articles and pieces set up by print journalists and producers.

And it was clear that they had numerous notes on how to “continue to target me” for profit. The Daily Mail collected photographs of me which they would then print and also print readers letters attacking me.

When I attempted to detach from the horrendous media abuse at the age of 15, the mainstream media realised they were “losing control of someone they had marked early on as a cash source” and couldn’t just “demand from my parents I be photographed and accessed”. They got even nastier.

Just like they are doing now with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as soon as they lost control and “access to nasty stories” they got even more angry. From then on, I was a target for punishment.

A tabloid would stalk me, then they’d pass my details onto the broadsheets, then a producer would bombard me with e-mails saying they would track down my family members and if I didn’t “tell my side of the story” they’d stalk me more.

As soon as Ben Ellery contacted me, having spent the night crying at the horror of having to face the media alone, I contacted my own source (thank you to everyone who tries to help a little – I really enjoy getting messages from people who have also been abused by the media and are happy we’re sharing experiences).

I also recalled how after I started this blog, I was specifically targeted in a particularly humiliating attack by David Robson, working for the BBC. This was to “punish” me for speaking out.

My source was clear – Caroline Gidman, Keith Gladdis’s wife (a producer specialising in manipulating interviewees for maximum humiliation) is a former Sunday Times and BBC journalist who is very well-connected in the industry.

The Sunday Times targeting me is Caroline Gidman’s revenge.

Caroline Gidman wants everyone to think her rich white husband is a hero working for children’s charities. She started a Twitter account pretending to be independent from him to “promote his work” for poor children.

She doesn’t want anyone knowing her husband makes his money through promoting a culture of national racism, and filming vulnerable young immigrant women naked to blackmail them.

Ben Ellery and his attempt to break me with his so-called “respectable article” is simply the “frontman” and vehicle for nasty Caroline Gidman’s and Keith Gladdis’s punishing me.

As a former Daily Mail foreign editor and now a senior media director, Keith Gladdis has riches far beyond his level of education and business acumen, satisfying both his mother and his wife’s social climbing ambitions.

A military officer, doctor or nurse, or professor can only dream of the salary Keith Gladdis gets for abusing vulnerable women and immigrants and whipping up racism.

However, this does not seems enough for Caroline Gidman. Even as a woman with no formal education accessing a luxury lifestyle (paid for by her husband’s career of tabloid racist abuse and vitriol), Caroline is not happy.

(her horrendous abusive husband earned a fortune through asking me to dance for him and filming me naked to blackmail me into giving an interview).

She and her powerful rich media friends wanted (and I presume still wants) me to be totally destroyed for speaking about her husband’s abuse.

How dare I, a poor immigrant hippy student type, get “uppity” on white middle aged Caroline Gidman and her money and her big expensive house that she claims was paid for by her so-called “talented” husbands’ honest hard work?

Caroline Gidman wants me to know my place as a brown skinned woman.

(To dance naked for her sneaky, heavily breathing white husbands’ titillation, then to be humiliated and condemned and slut- shamed. Caroline Gidman wanted me branded and denied love for the rest of my life. She could pretend to everyone she was “classy” on the back of my abuse).

The same way her husband’s newspaper, the Mail wants all those “uppity black footballers” punished.

(and perhaps there is another motivation to this – Caroline and Keith’s son has not been selected for any football team despite Keith and Caroline paying to network with as many football VIPs as possible whilst those uppity black boys with their poor single mums actually practice on the pitch).

As a rich white woman living a luxury life, it seems clear Caroline Gidman asked her Sunday Times colleague Ben Ellery and her BBC colleague David Robson to monitor and “punish” me so no-one would dare to cross her and her husband and she could have total domination and control.

However, despite my trauma, lack of confidence, the bullying, and having been turned into a global figure of fun and laughing stock I will (hope to – absolutely terrified some days!) stand by speaking out about media abuse.