Speaking out against media control – Naomi Osaka and the French Open

I don’t watch much sport (tend to gym it and yoga mainly).

However, one area in which horrendous media behaviour is very visible is in sport.

Journalists are bullies obsessed with getting complete control of their targets (to generate as much profit as possible and destroy and traumatise anyone they latch onto).

My “life story” was never about me, or about science.

It was about clickbait and sales and the Press wanting to use as many “titillating details” and behind the scene tactics to to set me up so they could have power and control and money.

The aim was to set me up as a “celebrity” with a creepy global audience (with no respect for my privacy or wellbeing) “following the story” like I was a circus animal.

They wanted to “place a bounty on my head” for anyone tracking me down and publishing details of my life.

At the age of 12, a note was clearly made with senior editors that my parents were mentally vulnerable and unstable, had little respect for their dignity and privacy and could be “exploited” for media access to me, which “ticked boxes” for a “saleable story” which made money for journalists.

If I myself was mentally damaged and traumatised enough and bullied into submission by the media I’d then keep giving them my personal details which meant “more profit” for them.

The horrific media coverage of me was designed to draw as many predators to me and isolate me from anyone who would stand up for me against their evil.

They did their best to stalk me, publish as many details of my life, and write it up in the most sensationalist and detailed way possible. They wanted to ensure that the only people I could associate with would be

  • Journalists like them, or people wanting to make money out of me.
  • Or crazy “fans” who just wanted to stalk a woman and “get Oxford access and connections and fame”.

Their goal was that I’d be completely paranoid, set up as a “freak” detached from mainstream society, and always be “vulnerable to blackmail” from anyone wanting to pass my details onto them.

One of the reasons the media started a huge campaign of humiliation and hate, and stalking against me at 15 was revenge for me not wanting to agree to their harassment or control games.

Even at a young age I didn’t want to talk to them (as I could see what vile people they were and how they tried to “make news” by manipulating people).

But they knew my severely mentally ill and vulnerable parents would “give them access” so they encouraged them to stalk me and “used” them to get at me

It was nothing to do with science or mathematics.

It was about control and power and journalists having a “obsession/chip on their shoulder about Oxford” (even though I had and have very little connection with the place) and wanting to “punish” me as a result.

Similarly, with the media in sport, it’s often not about sport.

It’s about journalists wanting absolute control and to manipulate players behind the scenes and threaten them with “if you don’t co-operate with US and let us into your home and private space to write bitchy stories and decide if we think you should be labelled a certain way with certain storylines for clickbait – we’ll punish you”.

With social media, players can have more control over their narrative – they can connect with their sports fans (people who genuinely are respectful types who like the sport), or share aspects of their lives they want shared.

They don’t need to consent to a journalist trawling through their lives and publishing private details for clicks/reads (these unpleasant, Murdoch style, “human interest” stories are full of snideness and spite and are not aimed at genuine sports fans, but people who want to bitch about someone rich and successful) to get sponsorship deals.

Often, the spite, malice, and viciousness of journalists at this situation is apparent – a clear sense of resentment and wanting complete control and forcing the interviewee into commenting on things they aren’t comfortable with and “setting them up” a certain way.

Konta interview
Sonia McLaughlin interview
  • I completely respect and understand the stance of Naomi Osaka against the horrific power games of the media, and hope others follow.

As one would expect, although she has received plenty of support, the media is already “playing games” to try to starting a backlash against her.

Rather than just say “we don’t like Osaka because she’s stopping our control games and we want control and and we’re furious” they decided to do what they do best

The press decided to swap notes, do their common tactic of “bullying by triangulation and manipulation” and try to goad the leading tennis player Djokovic into “allegedly” criticising Osaka.

I’m sure Djokovic is focussed on his sport and doesn’t give a damn about what Osaka does or doesn’t do – it’s the Press who are furious.

An interviewer asked Djokovic a “leading question” which he tried to deflect as politely and neutrally as possible (not in his first language – he used the phrases “I don’t know what to think”).

The answer was written up as him “hitting back” and “criticising her” and “choosing to make comments” when he was clearly just responding to a question he didn’t want to answer in the first place forced upon him.

Perhaps, this is why Osaka is right to take a strong stance – it illustrates the horrific rage of the media as they try desperately to get control and power.