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Here we bloody go again with the aggression and the bullying and the slut shaming…..Keith Gladdis (now of MHP Communications) is still trying to control and ruin me

The comments on this blog are incorrect, defamatory and extremely hurtful to me and more importantly my family who are all defamed by [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. She is reacting to an article written in the News of the World in 2008. The article is no longer available on the internet as the News of the World has closed. My name was on the article but many other people were involved. It was a legitimate journalistic exercise and no illegality was involved. Miss [REDACTED] had a right to reply and was interviewed by the newspaper the week after. I have not sought any contact with Miss [REDACTED] since 2008. I have not and never have harassed or stalked her as she claims. Further more I have never harassed or stalked anyone. I did work for the News of the World but I was not involved in any illegal or unethical practice. Miss [REDACTED] refers to me as a [REDACTED]. I am not a [REDACTED]. I am a dad of two young children and these comments cause a great deal of distress. I …

Photo of me taken by Keith Gladdis after he asked me to strip - sufiah yusof 2017

This is the naked photograph (one of many) which Keith Gladdis of MHP Communications secretly took of me in order to blackmail me, slut-shame me, and humiliate me. I am not ashamed of being naked, but Keith Gladdis is now claiming he did “nothing unethical” in order to take down any blog posts I have written on the event – Sufiah Yusof 2017


I’m actually stopping blogging for a while as I’m a bit disconcerted by the above legal actions and unpleasant accusations towards me (hardly online and had exams so can’t keep up!) Need to talk to friends and calm down a bit whilst I consider what to do next

(environmental engineering module at the moment, so some trees should be just the thing – they’ve survived for hundreds of years so should put some perspective on things!).

(The “legitimate journalistic exercise” in question is below).

To clarify: Keith Gladdis physically booked an appointment with me, and chose to sit and physically secretly film me whilst asking me to strip off and dance for him.

(I’m not interested in some morality debate, but as Keith is so precious about being some innocent football loving “dad of two young children”, then he should try and avoid spending his nights asking “23 year old 32D prostitutes” to take their clothing off for him?)

Keith’s colleague, Rachel/Penny Spencer turned up at my doorstep to bring Keith’s footage to blackmail me with. She claimed if I didn’t give the News of the World what looked like a consensual interview, the “footage would be all over the place”.

I had never met Keith Gladdis before in my life, wasn’t (and didn’t) make a living selling stories about myself

(even now I get e-mails from production companies and journalists, the programme Celebrity Big Brother contacted me yuck but of course I don’t respond, I’m not a freak show).

I’m not a lawyer (and as Keith Gladdis himself states) I’m fairly naive and “up in my head” (write from the heart, currently concentrating on a college paper on fluid dynamics) but all this legal speak Keith Gladdis’s lawyers are using sounds a bit cray-cray to me.

Why Keith Gladdis describes himself as “our man” I don’t know, he’s like trying to claim he’s someone else?

I had received an e-mail from a source the week before asking to “bring charlie” (street name of cocaine) along to an appointment. I am not a drug user, but traced the IP back to a University of Manchester e-mail address.

Keith’s sister Rebecca “Becki” Gladdis (or “Glad Rags” as I am told she styles herself), an audiologist for the NHS (who has aggressively tweeted about how Keith’s stalking victims in his work for the News of the World were “destroyed”) was a student there at the time. 

In the ensuing weeks I was stalked by many, many people.

Sara Nuwar, a colleague of Keith Gladdis’s at the News of the World, sent regular e-mails to me claiming that because I’d been blackmailed into doing what looked like a legitimate interview, I “had to start commenting for them identifying myself as an ex-Muslim sex worker”.

I’m not ashamed of anything. And I respect the choice of some sex workers who take a public stance on their work (of course Muslims, like me, are just getting on with their own lives).

but Keith Gladdis and his colleagues wanted to blackmail me to put myself into a social position where I was humiliated, threatened, and targeted by hardcore religious groups as a public figure who had “openly left Islam and chose to be a public advocate of sex workers and talk about sex all the time”.

I’m quite a stoic character (lucky to have loyal strong minded friends and ex-boyfriends – a girl in trouble can’t beat a big strong military man to keep her feeling safe! Despite the efforts of the media to turn me into an isolated freak, I feel loved: overall people are great)

but of course I’m eight and a half stone soaking wet and have (and will continue to) spend many years knowing that “religious groups” and “teams of journalists” (not to mention my abusive, violent, mentally ill father) are and will be desperate to “get me” and “take me into their custody” for profit or “for her own protection” , as I had been “exposed” as “naive and working in a controversial industry and choosing to “brag about it””.

This was a direct result of Keith Gladdis’s actions.

This amateur blog you can guess from the slightly rubbish haphazard look, hmmm! is funded by my credit card – I’m a happy low key traveller and mature student (no media circus child prodigy shit any more – I do love love love my subject though!) who works temp in the service industry.

I have a small readership which I’m grateful for but obviously isn’t that of a national newspaper. All my posts are fairly rushed and as I’m doing them in my spare time. I get the occasional helping hand but it’s basically “girl on her own” job.

Keith Gladdis regularly tweets claiming how “proud” he is of his work at the News of the World, so not sure why he’s now dissociating himself from it?

Further his “innocent family members” Trish Gladdis and Becki Gladdis, chose to go onto social media to attack and humiliate his victims further.

David “Dave” Gladdis, Keith Gladdis’s brother tweeted about how the News of the World “didn’t hack people’s phones”.

The Gladdis family has chosen to bully and wreak havoc on other people’s lives (especially those of immigrant women like me – see this post) but then not be called out? 

I have, and will have, to live with the “sex shame” and sniggers and with controlling oddballs wanting gossip about incest, abusive fathers and the occasional aggressive  person saying “oh you used to think you are good at maths but now you’re just a deluded loser”

(I’m a low key private person and mainly talk about food and the weather and things like that am fairly dull but a lot of people read the papers).

Keith Gladdis wanted to break me, to shame me, to make sure I would never enjoy dancing or dating or science again (in fact, he wanted to film me with cocaine that he and his sister Becki Gladdis had supplied on me and the police would then have no choice but to take action against me). 

Completely independently to me Keith Gladdis chose to write stories for the News of the World identifying his children (on the same pages as crazy sex stories about dudes being sodomised with mobile phones?! I’m childfree by choice but really for f**ks sake?) and tweets photos about them?

Why is he then styling himself an innocent protective “dad to two young children”?

Years after his attack of 2008, Keith Gladdis is now twisting the knife further by slandering me and claiming I’m some aggressive, hysterical woman who has targeted him completely randomly?

I’m a laid back ex-army officers girlfriend with not much time, given the choice I’d only choose to think about and socialise with my friends but he left me no choice.

THIS is what he chose to write.

As Keith Gladdis well knew, the article would be, and has been reprinted and reused millions of times and my name forever associated with it. 

SHE was a child maths genius who won a place at Oxford University aged just 13—but now the only sums Sufiah Yusof is interested in are the ones she earns as a HOOKER.

For sad Sufiah the daily equation she has to solve is simply sex equals £130 as she sells her body to punters over the internet.

The gifted girl with the winning smile had the world at her feet ten years ago and should be a rich woman by now—but last week she was busy subtracting her underwear for our undercover reporter in her dingy back street flat.

“Would you like to start your half hour now?” said Sufiah, 23, as she danced on the bed, displaying her body for examination.

Then she listed all the sleazy plus points she would throw in for our man if he took up her offer.

Calling herself Shilpa Lee, the former child prodigy still juggles with figures on a hookers’ website, describing herself as a “very pretty size 8, 32D bust and 5’5″ tall—available for booking every day from 11am to 8pm.”

She says she is a “sexy, smart student” who prefers “older gentlemen”— but a former pal who has witnessed her downfall told us: “It is all desperately heartbreaking.

“With her amazing brain she should be able to make money any way she wants. But instead her life has spiralled completely out of control.”

Life has never quite added up for Sufiah. Her descent into prostitution in Salford, Manchester, is the latest in a long line of tragedies to have engulfed her since the sunny day when she posed with her university mortar board for the world’s press outside prestigious St Hilda’s College.

Our shock revelations today come in the week her domineering dad Farooq was jailed for sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls as he home-tutored them in maths.

And he was always at the root of all her troubles— even as she passed the further maths A-Level she needed for entry to Oxford at the age of 12. In those days Sufia was a strict Muslim child who prayed five times a day and was subjected to her father’s famous Accelerated Learning Technique.

Her days involved stretching and breathing exercises in freezing rooms to keep her brain attentive.

Sufiah would then study hard and be forced to play tennis with just as much intensity as fanatical Farooq drove her on. The routine was so effective Sufiah was seeded number eight in the country for under 21s.

But three years into Oxford, the 15-year-old sparked a massive police hunt after running away.


At the time her father bizarrely claimed Sufiah had been kidnapped and brainwashed by an organisation seeking the key to her intelligence.

But Sufiah sent an email to her family describing her life under her father as a “living hell”.

One message to her sister read: “I’ve finally had enough of 15 years of physical and emotional abuse. You know what I am talking about.”

Sufiah was missing for two weeks before being found in an internet café in Bournemouth where she had been working as a hotel waitress.

She refused to go back to her parents and instead was taken into the care of social services.

It was then revealed that Farooq had been jailed for three years in 1992 for his part in a £1.5m mortgage swindle. Before that—at the age of 19—he had been sent to borstal for his role in a conspiracy involving £100,000.

Free from the spell of her father, Sufiah returned to Oxford to complete the final year of her Masters in Maths.

But she was now more concerned with enjoying herself—and failed to finish the course after meeting trainee lawyer Jonathan Marshall.

They were married in 2004 when Sufiah was just 19 and Jonathan 24. But the strains with her family were still there.

Despite being invited, Sufiah’s parents and four brothers and sisters failed to turn up to the wedding.

Her dreams of a happy life with Jonathan were shattered when the couple divorced just a year later.JAIL: Dad Farooq given 18 months

Now, in her sad little flat, she uses her body to pay the rent. Sufiah met our man, posing as a punter, at the entrance to her building wearing a tiny skirt, leather boots and a tight t-shirt. She was carrying three mobile phones.

She laughed and joked as she led him to her small apartment where a bed was already set out in the lounge.

She told him it was £130 an hour and offered him a glass of water before putting some music on to a cheap portable stereo and nervously stripping down to her red lace bra and knickers.

Sufiah then peeled off her underwear and danced on the bed. She told him she did full sex with a condom and oral sex without protection.

After our man had made his excuses, Sufiah kept him talking by telling him how she was studying for a Masters degree in Economics on a part-time two year course in London.

The former prodigy added: “I’ve got exams coming up and I’m thinking ‘Oh my God!’”

Once described by her parents as “naïve and unstreetwise”, she works alone from her flat without any obvious physical security or protection.

She even admitted to our reporter: “It’s always a surprise who you are going to meet.”

Cheerful Sufiah gave no indication of any sadness at the jailing of her father the previous day. On Wednesday Farooq, 50, was sentenced to 18 months at Coventry Crown Court for touching two 15-year-old girls when he was home tutoring them at maths.

The court heard how in May last year Farooq arrived at one of the victim’s home for a maths lesson.

He started whispering in her ear and kissing her hair and cheek. He also touched her breast and told her she was a genius and pretty before putting her hand on his upper thigh.


Farooq’s defence lawyer Tim Hannam said: “He’s been back in prison for over five months and knows there’ll be no more teaching and any hope he had of gaining an income from the teaching method he had developed to a high degree of success is lost to him. His reputation is destroyed.”

Now it’s clear the daughter who fled his strict regime has almost been destroyed too.

Her friend said last night: “Sufiah has suffered so many knocks in her life. I just hope she can drag herself out this life she has got herself into.

“She is a good person and deserves a much better life than this. Her gift really has been a curse.”

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