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The Sun’s Page Three: breasts and the media and body image

The English newspaper, the Sun, has decided to change their Page Three (young women posing with not very many clothes on).

Page Three is a very out-of-date, twee concept.

No young man I know reads it.

Not because they’re not interested in girls, but cause it’s frumpy and weird.

It’s not about the Sun “standing up for the lads”. It’s not about Men vs Women.

(the “lads” I know are getting on with their lives. Some flabby angry so-called “man” working in News Uk is really not very representative of masculinity)

It’s about Rupert Murdoch, an old man who knows he has wasted his life trying to spin a fairy tale in which he is the saviour of Free Speech.

The decline in newspaper sales, the Sun included, is most relevant.

His (badly managed) business has failed to take off in China: Rupert Murdoch has resorted to insulting the Chinese, claiming in the Sunday Times they are stupid and fake their qualifications.

What he cannot control, he insults.

In the UK, Rupert Murdoch is shopping his staff to the police, ashamed of them.

The chaos in his business is due to his internal disharmony.

Asian countries have done well to reject him: he is considered trash in the West.

It is not an uncommon for women in the media to feel very under scrutiny: younger women, older women.

Too small breasts

Too large breasts.

Breasts not being used to feed children, breasts being shown at the wrong time, to the wrong person.

Breasts being too ugly to be loved

Breasts being too beautiful so the woman should feel ashamed for being proud of them.

It would seem as a woman there is always something to feel self-conscious about.

What of the men who create this kind of world? And their personal lives?

Let’s do a quick roll call of them and their breasts of their womenfolk

Keith Gladdis: Daily Mail News Editor and former News of the World journalist. Wife: Caroline Gladdis

Keith Gladdis’s wife Caroline Gladdis leaves him after the birth of their first child as:

(1) her husband’s “job” is attempting to supply cocaine to sex workers and secretly filming them naked, and stalking attractive women.

(2) she has had the misfortune to start a family with someone like this.

“Lacking masculinity” was one of the reasons given for Caroline Gladdis leaving him: I suspect he’d rather Caroline Gladdis breast-fed and mothered him than his own child.

Paul Dacre – Editor of the Daily Mail

(Wife: Kathleen Dacre. Mother: Mary Dacre. Father: Peter Dacre)

Paul Dacre grew up seeing his father Peter Dacre more interested in “celebrity” breasts than his mother Mary Dacre’s breasts.

And then telling his son this was how men were meant to be: claiming this was the job of the media.

Paul Dacre never stood a chance of turning into a real man.

Paul Dacre follows in his abusive fathers footsteps: drooling over photographs of celebrity breasts then secretly pretending he isn’t.

Peter Dacre: the typical weak misogynist pervert.

He projected his sexual fantasies onto women. And then hated and was ashamed of himself for his perversion, so hated others.

He ended up unhappily married and having a broken family for this reason.

Paul Dacre is the same. He makes a joke out of the Traditional Family Values he claims to champion.

Just because he’s not divorced doesn’t mean his family isn’t broken.

Like her mother-in-law before her, Kathleen Dacre has to endure her husband Paul Dacre obsessing over the bodies of other women and then coming home pretending he is a respectable family man.

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng

Rupert Murdoch’s (good looking) ex wife: more interested in showing her breasts to Tony Blair than him.

Oh, but he manages to annoy some women with the Page Three debate, so he’s “won”.

He’s showed ’em. He’s proved what a big man he is by making some drama (again)

Deep down, he knows men a quarter his age are serving their countries in the military and in politics, working in science, creating things, pushing their boundaries.

Living a real life. Not as some manipulative little bystander.

and becoming the kind of men who beautiful women actually want to show their breasts to

It is too late for Murdoch.

Annoying women is his distraction from not being a man: and time has run out for him.

My conclusion: the men of the media would do better on working on their fragile male identity that controlling that of women.

They like to control women.

They are scared to face the truth, waiting for them at home and in their personal lives.

The women they want do not want them.

Young women do not need to worry about their body parts.

They need to worry about identifying (and screening out) people who are lost in their own hatred and want to control women’s body parts.

These people are irrelevant.

If they are male no woman wants them. If they are female, no woman wants to be them.

Their words and opinions are trash.

Sufiah Yusof xx

January 2015

(last post of January – well I started it in January anyway. Goodbye month!

And thank you/terima-kasih dearest readers – not sure who is viewing me but it’s a great confidence boost)