Update for 04/06 – Sufiah Yusof

Hello and welcome to my new post!

I am back. Decided to buy more grey clothes as I am somewhat colour perceptive at the moment and find grey calming and creative.


sufiah yusof 2016

I got the skirt below over Xmas, assuming, I would be wearing it for summer dancing and (and also look how it changes shape for dancing, that fabric is amazing!) and hopefully it will be out this week.


sufiah yusof 2016



this at dancing = awesome

Which leads me on to my next posts. Apologies for the generally difficult presentation, I sort of started writing but had to divide it into parts as it was getting too long.

It contains fairly emotive material – was cathartic but upsetting writing –  and I think just letting my experiences flow is probably more time-efficient than trying to organise it perfectly!

Overall I’m incredibly short on time (this blog is unpaid for me – I am delighted have received contact from publishing companies but I think I don’t want to shift to being a “proper” full-time writer soon) and it’s far more important to get my voice out than spend ages editing.