Richard III

Just catching up with my Shakespeare tonight…

Years ago, I did Antony and Cleopatra and Othello for A-Level English and hugely enjoyed them.

Outdoor Shakespeare with a picnic is a fairly good activity to do in the summer (remembering, of course, to keep lots of warm gear on – English summer evenings can be freezing).

(cried during Romeo and Juliet when I first watched it, although it doesn’t move me so much now).

I think Shakespeare really was a genius.

Got a lot from it when I was 17, and I am getting a lot from it now, and I expect I will continue to as I age! .

Shakespeare was also brilliant on society and feminism – Germaine Greer was a fan, he didn’t separate out “women’s issues” from real life.

Onto Richard III tonight! Given my past experiences, it’s actually quite uncomfortable viewing. (I spent my early years dealing with far too many people like him…).

Watching the mannerisms of Richard III reminds me of dealing with journalists – that fakeness, that eerie lack of self, combined with outbursts of rage and destructiveness.

That urge to manipulate and create angst


me being aghast at richard – sufiah yusof 2015

He doesn’t like himself. There is nothing genuine about him, he just wants to project his own hatred onto others

Anyway, it’s late, so onwards and upwards (almost at the Princes in the Tower) and hope all readers are well! x