Drama and scandal? Naomi Wolf on the media



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Naomi Wolf (author of The Beauty Myth which I enjoyed a lot) on viewing media stories critically.

The role of the media is again under scrutiny in the UK  – the BBC (generally considered  relatively impartial) orchestrated a story in which influenced politics at a fairly high level.

It’s like Schrodingers Cat: the observer trying to make the difference.

It also extends to coverage of women’s personal lives: every journalist is determined to create a HUMAN INTEREST STORY full of drama and soundbites.

There is no subtly in these bizarre fairy stories.

Sometimes the Internet is heralded as a replacement for the mainstream media: but is it really? Most don’t use Twitter.

I am not really a user of Facebook for personal life, but I am always perplexed by the difference between the effect people try to create online and how they are IRL!

It seems to be fashionable to talk about “Twitter Storms” or “Social Media Storms” (when most don’t even use it).

There seems to be little thoughtfulness in this kind of analysis – I mean reading a book, or attending  a lecture is something that requires concentration and attention

but reading/retweeting quick soundbites and images and I POSTED THIS SO THIS PROVES X isn’t that productive? It’s instant emotional junk food.