Women who hate women – violence through men.

I struggled a bit with doing Men who hate Women for Waywire.

I felt a lot of depictions of men were one-sided.

Where I felt it didn’t provide a whole picture, is how women often encourage male oppression of other women. 

Mothers want their daughters to undergo FGM, to “suffer as they have” and carry on the legacy of self-loathing.

Overbearing mothers of sons are the worst – in Psycho, the “ghost” of Norman Bates’s mother comes to stab and “punish” young promiscuous women through him.

I myself have experienced other women (under the guise of friendship) attempting to manipulate my unstable, aggressive father (and the Daily Mail) to stalk me by “casually” accidentally passing on personal information to them.

(It was not an accident – it was quite simply jealousy because I try to engage with life and like being a woman, and I don’t walk round with a SHAME ON ME sign round my neck due to a weird family background – so they believed I should be “punished” for this arrogance)

Mothers will insist their daughters are ashamed and self-loathing towards  their own bodies

(and no doubt attract men scum with a similar mindset towards women).

(This tied in with some e-mails I have received -thanks – which I’ll expand on later).