FeminismTV: Men who hate women

(rough) Transcript here…

Hello its Sufiah Yusof again. Thank you for watching and subscribing to my blog. I seem to have fallen into a bit of a “time out from social media” simply due to being incredibly busy.

As a blogger with an interest in media issues, this “time out” is worth commenting on. So much news and current affairs claiming to have Human Interest about Real People.

The consumers of this feel that the people who they, or who the media choose to latch onto and present are living these drama filled lives (because what is reported is very distorted and manipulated).

In real life, these people are they are probably getting on with their lives and don’t feel obligated to share it with strangers to make a point or prove something.

There is a very good film called Starsuckers on newspaper culture, in which the producer Chris Atkins describes those the media stalks, even if they are a sportsperson or actor, as dull people who rarely do anything particularly newsworthy which I feel is and has been true in my case

I’m thinking about my schedule, what art I’m going to see next, my exercise and dance schedule, practicing mindful bhevaiour and what I’m going to cook for dinner.

I’m also very tired, you can see a blanket here which is what I’m going to collapse into in five minutes time I hope.

Ok, FeminismTV.

What I’m going to present up till October is a summary of Men Who Hate Women. Some history and some recent news.

Men who hate women. Of course, this is a very strong and controversial topic.

What about women who hate men, or men who hate men, or women who hate women? All of whom exist. Well I am actually going to do women who hate women next. I think this is something a lot of women have experienced.
And of course I have my own personal experiences and analysis of men who hate women which I will be expanding on.

(I don’t think this is issue one can engage with without sharing something of ones own life).
So, Keep on watching and speak soon. Now for some lovely sleep.