Kathleen Dacre (Kathy Dacre) being photographed

Checked my messages (finally!) and found something from a former Daily Mail journalist who was sacked in fairly controversial way from the Daily Mail.

She asked if I could use my blog to publish this fact about the Daily Mail editor, Paul Dacre (apparently pretty well-known in media-land but not to anyone outside it?) as I get more traffic than her.

Paul Dacre is obsessed with no-one photographing his wife Kathleen Dacre (Kathy Dacre) and has been very aggressive in instructing her not to have photos on her work site.  

(my own observation: the man who is obsessed with photos of young women in his newspaper – myself included – is too embarrassed about the way his own wife, the mother of his children looks to let anyone see any photos of her.

She “settled” for him when no other women would take him on.

But he secretly fantasises about others and is ashamed of her body and physique, because she doesn’t fit some size eight youthful pretty look.

Paul Dacre’s father was exactly the same – a coward who didn’t fight in the war when everyone his age was being conscripted, instead he was a showbusiness reporter leching over women he wasn’t married to.

Paul Dacre’s father got divorced. Will he have the same fate himself?).