Update for 7th MAY

Hello to everyone and any new followers  – welcome and thank you for subscribing!

Been a busy and challenging month – some tough/practical decisions and some wandering round the country (and more busy-ness to come)

100_8413   100_8670

Am working on some new blog posts but not sure when they’ll be up.

(there is a point to be made, I think: real life isn’t really on THE NEWS or “out there” to be consumed by strangers?

Day-to-day life, the one me or you are actually in, is MUCH nicer, if you do it right 🙂 And more relevant)

Also have lots of messages to catch up on when I have a spare moment!

Please do have a look at my archives under Older Posts, or my Twitter or at my channel on Waywire in the meantime.

(On Waywire, does anyone have any ideas for what they want to see in a Feminism channel? If so, drop me a contact)