Hello new readers Part Two!

hello let's see if this uploads...

hello let’s see if this uploads…

(this is a follow-up to here)

The SAD SINGLE BLOKE with his interests and hobbies.

The SLUT who no-one wants.

The SAD SPINSTER who has never had children.

The SAD BACHELOR who has decided never to marry.

The DIVORCED MAN/WOMAN who is clearly broken and “damaged goods”.

Stereotypes abound. They make no sense, are probably more a reflection on the person suggesting them.

It doesn’t take a genius to point out choosing not to be in (or aspire towards) a monogamous relationship at a certain point in time doesn’t mean one leads a loveless, lonely life.

I live in the UK: Hate to use the First World Problems line.

But you do know being alive and healthy in a free, peaceful country is a blessing in itself?

On that note, I feel really, really, lucky.

Passion and emotional and intellectual connection and depth is to be found in work, in friendship, in Life, in lovers.

(don’t see this as a “anti-marriage” stance, I love a good wedding! Just a libertarian one)

I think the reason the media creates these stereotypes is to make people afraid of experimenting.

Afraid of making strong, curious choices. Of working out what they want in life.

Settling for fairly bad relationships. Or doing a job to keep their parents happy. Or keeping toxic people in their life because they’re afraid of being alone.

(I think by the time some have learned to listen to their inner voice they’re already fairly trapped? Still, there’s always a way out).

I would say the media created hysteria is very artificial, and this isn’t actually reflective of “how people are” (unless you seriously need to change your social circle)

Go out and meet people in real life, learn discernment, filter out the twats.