Joining the debate and the Oxford Union

Was invited to speak at the Oxford Union last week by a very polite and charming young student.

I said no. Mainly I seem to be pretty busy right now, and secondly I’m not a fan of the whole big debating thing.

Reading media articles, you’d think people were constantly JUSTIFYING and PROVING and CLAIMING in some drama filled script.

I think this world really only exists in the heads of journalists.

From the film Starsuckers: one reason why the media gets so hysterical and manipulative is because they’re attempting to make drama out of subjects who simply have very pleasantly boring lives?

(I went to see Art yesterday. I think I will not go out tomorrow as I am tired and have a cold.

I need to look up how to do matrices in LateX. The new temp assignment seems pleasant.

I like the charity shop Chelsea boots I bought, have not worked out how to style them. I have a lot of dandruff I would like to clear…It is sunny but cold…Are you asleep yet?).

Where THE DEBATE is often isn’t where actual real life is.

As I age, I notice those who seem to hugely struggle with own lives tend to know everything about having “opinions” and “debating” irrelevant things and nothing about moving forward as humans themselves.

For men and women, getting bogged down in the gender/sexuality debate (especially on things which they aren’t personally involved in and have no personal impact on them) seems a draw of energy which could be spent on better things.

(what’s your own personal brand and identity and vocation -maybe just living is your vocation?

Are you exploring options? Are you stuck?

What are your main emotional/sexual/spiritual/health needs?

Are there toxic or abusive family members/people in your life you need to find the courage to remove yourself from and screen out?)

(note to international readers, I recognise this kind of soul searching is specific to the UK. But I have spent 99% of my life in the UK so I write from the perspective of a female UK resident, as that’s my main experience.

Older versions of me fought for women in the UK to have some freedoms so I am happy to enjoy them, and perhaps I can pay the favour off down the generations or across countries in due course. Watch this space!)
This holistic, thoughtful approach is probably a better investment of energy than getting bogged down in some drama laden, hysterical “debate” on what is “good” and “bad” and trying to “win” or “make a point”.

Paul Dacre claims there is a “metropolitan elite”.

Rupert Murdoch shouts about what he calls “snobs”.

Both are very, very rich men so I presume they aren’t talking about people who are richer than them.

I wonder if this is what they mean by “metropolitan elite” and “snobs”?

Not hugely privileged people, but people who invest energy into stumbling onto their own path than getting involved in THE DEBATE or HAVING THEIR SAY or WINNNG THE ARGUMENT on things that are irrelevant to them.

Living, in other words.

(like Paul Dacre and Rupert Murdoch haven’t done, which is why they are bitter, manipulative, nosy old men obsessed with controlling the lives of others now).

Have a lovely Easter break, I think I’ll be posting again before then but not 100% sure! xx