Neil Tweedie of the Daily Telegraph

As I am a new amateur blogger, I have to try and do the SEO stuff.

(not my favourite job, but has to be done).

Of course this includes Googling my own name. EEK!

I really can’t be bothered to work through every single article written about me (it’s a nice day, I’m looking forward to a Friday film and kebab night!).

People should be free to express their own opinions and I’m rather thick-skinned.

But I’ll try and pick up on a few points for the sake of discussion of media issues.

Let’s start with the Telegraph article here

I think it was somewhat naive of Jonathan Marshall to grant that interview.

It was a long time ago and we were both young, I strive to be fairly peaceful/indifferent towards anyone who is in my past.

The Telegraph likes to present a certain point of view, even if it has to manipulate the facts to do so.

(article leaves out the fact that for much of my short marriage I worked a 60 hour week to financially support my ex-husband studying.

The reason I was studying in the expensive city of London in the first place was that my ex-husband was very dramatic about insisting I couldn’t work.

Of course everyone has their own views on their families. But my divorce was a very freeing and pleasant decision for me)

Neil Tweedie: I came across him later on: he decided to insult the readers of a very popular UK women’s website I use.

Also, Neil Tweedie regular insults his own wife in his writing .

It would seem I was not the only one: Neil Tweedie of the Telegraph has problems with women.

I think he thinks that will make him popular and show what a “real strong man” he is. I think it makes him sound like a weak loser.

Neil Tweedie

Neil Tweedie

It is not masculine behaviour: if anything, I’ve noticed the “men” who do this are really weak, stupid, and inferior compared to other men.

There are so many men who are respected by other men, get on with and enjoy their own lives, and like and are respectful to women: Neil Tweedie is not one of them

Why doesn’t he pay more attention to himself?

If I got to the state Neil Tweedie was in, I simply wouldn’t dream of not going for a run and sorting myself and my own fitness out rather than bitching about women?

On that note, I feel inspired to shut down the laptop and be off for my work-out.

Have a lovely weekend, I’ll try and get a photo up over the weekend (and catch up with e-mails etc!).

I’ve had terrible weather where I live for the last month which is starting to improve, so I’m enjoying going out without being dressed like an Eskimo!

Sufiah xx