What all young people can learn from Rupert Murdoch…

erm… maybe try and get a life, or you’ll end up like him?

Rupert Murdoch’s decided that because it’s quite fashionable to attack Islam at the moment, he’ll join in so everyone will LIKE him.

As usual, he’s all over the shop.

I am surprised by some of phrases used to describe people like him:

“powerful”, “ambitious”, “controversial”, “high self-esteem”

It’s all fairly flattering langauge, implying he’s some kind of masculine superman.

He comes across like a whiny, attention-seeking old man who has screwed up his existence and is desperately trying to build a reputation for himself in his dying years.

What’s the point of all this “power” if he has had no power over himself and his rather volatile emotions?

He reads what he thinks is going to make him popular. Then he tweets about it.

He is like someone who aggressively puts pictures on Facebook in a desperate attempt to get people to say he is good-looking.

I can understand why he’s angry now and lashing out:

I’d be pretty f**ked off if I was an old man and I hadn’t really pursued anything or built a sense of self, but just lived through others instead.

He knows he’s going to die soon, and he has squandered his life. Perhaps, like his peer Paul Dacre, he has never left the shadow of his father.

He is old. And all Murdoch is leaving is some angry children he despises and manipulates as much as they despise and manipulate him.

And some angry employees who – from the Times to Harper Collins – he treats like shit and who he has left with no self-respect.