Keith Gladdis (Daily Mail News Editor) and Hugh Grant: Part Two

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We all like approval from those we socially and sexually desire.

But some people have a rejection complex worse than others. They let it overwhelm them, cloud their rational thinking.

It goes beyond chap or girl turned me down, ouch!

Paul Dacre is reliving his childhood, in which he felt rejected and ignored by Joan Dacre, every time he sees a woman make a choice to take an interesting lover.

They like men like him and not men like me?

He is degrading her.

She couldn’t have done it of her own free will: women don’t have that. My mother Joan didn’t choose to ignore me, it just happened.

The woman who has interesting consensual sex is being used and abused. Exploited. She is being naive.

Policing female sexual experience is nothing to do with protecting women: it is to do with protecting inadequate men from rejection.

Women open to sexual experience means the bar is raised and they don’t want to “settle” for angry fumblers.

Like most people, I’m uninterested in the details of Hugh Grant’s romantic life.

But “likes women, gets on with them, and supports and is respected by the mother of his child” is the gist of it?

Keith Gladdis does not have this peace with women: this is the source of his rage.

For any who have done the dating scene, men like Gladdis are recognisable: Nice Guy Syndrome.

Thinking he “deserves” a woman, dripping with resentment if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Desperate to prove everyone else is having a worse time than him, and he himself has the Perfect Marriage, and Caroline is really, really, lucky to have him.

Men who hate women tie themselves in knots to manipulate the narrative by saying and doing the “right” things: their inner anger will always come through.

My final (speculative) thought.

If Keith Gladdis’s personal issues were common knowledge at the News of the World, are they common knowledge at the Mail?

(for anyone who wants to know how I know, well I was just the 23 year old Gladdis secretly filmed in order to blackmail me into doing a paid interview.

One of his colleagues told me, unprompted)

Does Paul Dacre have the insider information on Keith Gladdis’s marital woes?

The reason: I suspect Dacre must have assigned Gladdis specifically to follow a pregnant woman, knowing his issues with Caroline.

They have dossiers on the people they report on: what’s to stop them having dossiers on their own people?

by Sufiah Yusof